Books Borrowing Regulations


Education and Youth Affairs Bureau Various Centres
  1. Object of service:
    Persons satisfying the requirements of the various centres and have completed all the registration processes.
  2. Scope of Borrowing:
    2.1 The Libraries of Centre of Educational Activities of Taipa, Centre of Permanent Education, Centre of Psychological Support & Special Education, Centre of Languages, Centre of Moral Education, Centre of Experimentation for the Youths, Youth Centre of Areia Preta, Youth Centre of Fórum and Youth Centre of Bairro do Hipódromo are open for Book-lending Service to the qualified readers. The scope for borrowing includes books, teaching material sets, non-current magazines or multimedia audio-visual information (at most only one non-current magazine and 2 multimedia audio-visual information can be borrowed at a time). The total number of items borrowed should not exceed five.
    2.2 Centre of Educational Resources is open to Book-lending Service to teachers and persons working in organizations offering specific services. The most number of books, teaching material sets, non-current magazines, teaching models, hanging pictures or multimedia audio-visual information can be borrowed is five. Furthermore, they can be accompanied by twenty pieces of projector transparencies, forty pieces of slides and twenty coloured pages.
    2.3 The duration of the borrowing is at most two weeks.
  3. Borrowed items renewal procedure:
    3.1 The borrower has to make renewal arrangements at least one day before the due date;
    3.2 Should there be no advance booking by other readers, each borrowed item may be offered a renewal once and for two weeks only;
    3.3 The borrower may come in person for the renewal arrangement or may make it through the phone or through the Internet
    3.4 Should the item(s) be advance booked no renewal shall be available.
  4. Return of the overdue books (items)
    4.1 All the books and items borrowed have to be returned to the Library. For each overdue date, the borrower shall be deprived of the right of book-borrowing for one day and so forth,
    4.2 Should the overdue book(s) (items) not being returned after 120 days, the registration of the relevant person shall be nullified and he/she shall never be allowed to use any article from any of our Bureau’s Library. Should the borrower return the overdue books (items), he/she may apply for a new registration after 120 days. He/she may borrow the required items only after all the necessary procedures are well performed.
  5. Advance booking:
    5.1 The borrower is not entitled to make advance booking of the book(s) already in the Library. Advance booking is only for the already “borrowed” or “booked” book(s) or item(s);
    5.2 The borrower may execute the advance booking through our website (www.dsej.gov.mo) or come in person to the various libraries for the advance booking. Booking by phone or others means is not accepted;
    5.3 Each borrower may borrow at most five units of Library items;
    5.4 After the advance booked item(s) being returned to the library, the relevant borrower shall be notified by our specially assigned staff;
    5.5 After the borrower being notified of the availability of the booked item(s), he/she is to come for the borrowing within three days. Should there be a Saturday, Sunday or Government Public Holiday, then it shall be postponed accordingly;
    5.6 Should the borrower fail to come within the required time, the booking shall be nullified;
    5.7 Should there be any alteration of the information of the advance booking, borrower please perform rectification immediately to guarantee appropriate contact with the Library staff.
  6. Lost or damaged book(s) or item(s):
    6.1. Should the book(s) or item(s) be lost or too damaged to be repaired, the borrower is to present a written declaration to our Bureau and to compensate for the fault by paying the full price of the item(s).
    6.2. Should the borrower find the lost book/reference materials within one month after he pays for the lost book/reference materials, he must return the book/reference materials to the respective library personally. After that, he is entitled to apply for a declaration of cancellation and a refund of the compensatory payment. Application made after the aforesaid time period will not be accepted.
  7. Returning the borrowed items through the Library Chain:
    The borrowed items can be returned to any one of the above mentioned member of the Library Chain after fulfilling all the necessary obligations. (Please check the object of service of the various Libraries)

Education and Youth Affairs Bureau Website:www.dsej.gov.mo

Educational Resources Center:Avenida da Praia Grande, no.926;8395 9200
Centre of Permanent Education:Rua de Tribuna, n.o 313, Ed. Jade Plaza, 3.º andar;2842 2780
Centre of Educational Activities of Taipa:Rua de Bragança, Nova Taipa Garden, Lote 24-26, R/C, Taipa;2884 1284
Centre of Psychological Support & Special Education & Centre of Languages:Rua Formosa, n.o 31, 1.º andar;2851 3707
Centre of Moral Education:Rua Nova de Toi San, Edificio Litoral, 2.° andar, Macau;2842 3200
Centre of Experimentation for the Youths:Rua Filipe O’Costa (Pavilhão Polidesportivo Tap Seac);2833 2084
Youth Centre of Areia Preta:Estrada Marginal de Areia Preta, Bairro da Areia Preta, Ed. Kin Wa;2845 0852
Youth Centre of Fórum:Avenida Marciano Baptista, Fórum de Macau, Bloco II, 1.º andar;2870 1385
Youth Centre of Bairro do Hipódromo:Praceta da Serenidade junto da Avenida Leste do Hipódromo;2842 5110

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